Hi there! Welcome to Jampacked, a place dedicated to producing and selling only the cutest charms! Jampacked is a temporary home to all these little charms that I create. I hope that each and every one can find a new home with all of you that cross this path. First what is Jampacked?

Let me tell you coming up with names for businesses is not easy! It took the the longest time to come up with the name Jampacked. It came to me as I was showering (like all great thoughts do). I thought, hmm… my nickname is Jam this website is going to be packed with cute little things… Ah ha! And that’s how the name for this business was made.

Anyway! Whether you are looking to adopted a new charm or just browsing, I hope that you enjoy your time here. I aimed to make this a relaxing site free of hassle for every person who comes across this site. Sending love and light to all!